Windstream Online is being decommissioned on 03/31/2020

NOTICE TO ALL USERS:  Windstream Online is being decommissioned and all user access will cease to work on 03/31/20.  Windstream has been working on migrating all users to their new respective customer segment specific portals over the past few months.  If you have not received a new login for your new portal, please use our chat functionality in Windstream Online to contact our support folks who can get you converted.  You may also see a “Resend Invite” button on the landing page, use that option to automatically resend your invite to your listed email address.  The following customer segments will go to their respective portals:

Consumer/Residential Customers – MyWin portal

Kinetic Business – Kinetic MyWIN Business portal

Enterprise – WE Connect

Wholesale/Resale – CPT portal

If you are a partner who uses Windstream Online, click here to request a registration link

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